5 Ways To Avoid Back Pain This Summer

Hi, I’m Dr. Chris McNeil Chiropractor, and clinic director with www.MetroDetroitChiropractors .com. Today I’m going to discuss 5 ways to avoid back pain this summer. Metro Detroit Chiropractors consist of 3 clinics –Macomb Township Chiropractic, East Detroit Chiropractic Clinic and also Ferndale Chiropractic Clinic.
Let’s get going and talk about 5 ways you can avoid having back pain this summer.  When summer starts the weather starts getting nice and people want to get out  and get going, doing yard work having fun doing all the things they couldn’t do over the winter time, a lot of times people aren’t in shape because of not as much activity over the winter time.  This can ultimately lead to neck and back injuries.
With that in mind I put together a list 5 ways to avoid back pain this summer.
So first off let’s start with:
1)    Don’t rush into any activity. So for example, say you want to get out into the yard; you want to do that spring yard clean-up – cutting the lawn, trimming the bushes, pulling up , doing mulch,  maybe laying down rocks, other landscaping, digging up bushes, etc.  No. 1 You want to make sure you are warmed up before doing any of these activities. A good idea is to take a walk to get your muscles warm before doing the activity. Maybe walk around the block to get those muscles warm and loosened up before you start any activity. Likewise if you’re going to get back into running, jogging or even just walking you want to warm up. Another way to warm up is to do stretches.  Now its easy enough to go on line, you can go to YouTube or Google, and search for warm up stretches and there is going to be a bunch of videos that are going to come up and show you how to stretch. You can even be very specific with your search and search for “how to stretch your lower back”, or “stretches to do before gardening”, to “stretches to do before jogging”. So stretching before you start an avtivity is a good way to prevent getting back pain into the summertime.
2)    Another way you can prevent back pain is: Don’t do too much of the activity right away. For example, if you are going to be doing yard work or getting into exercising again or playing sports start with a half an hour and then you build up to a 45 minutes and then to an hour. You don’t want to get out into the yard for two or three hours right off the bat after the long winter. You are guaranteed to be sore; and again if you’re going jogging or bike riding or things like that. So start small and build  upon each session.
3)    Great tip here is if you are sore after doing this new activity in the summer time that you haven’t done all winter, use some ice packs on that back or on that neck or on those sore muscles. And you can use ice for about 20 minutes on and then put it back in the freezer for about an hour and you can go back to doing that at least three times a day. Just make sure there is a towel wrapped around that so you don’t freezer burn your skin. So icing if there is soreness is definitely a good idea.  So let’s recap so far we got: You don’t want to rush into anything, you want to take your time, you want to build up, you want to warm up, you could do some stretching, you could do some icing.
4)    Another thing you can do to prevent back pain this summer is to use your head; don’t do anything stupid. If you shouldn’t be doing something don’t do it. For example, I shouldn’t have been riding a mountain bike on some logs on the mountain bike trail, because I fell and I hurt myself. May be you shouldn’t be digging out rose bushes; maybe you should have someone else help you do that.. May be you shouldn’t be lifting ten bags of rocks, or if you should have someone else help you. Two people lifting is much better than one if it’s a heavy object. If you are getting back to the gym or getting back to working out, you should know your limitations especially if you are not in shape from the winter. If you’re going to be moving stuff around the yard you can use a dolly or a wagon or something like that to move stuff. You now you could  also take multiple trips instead pf trying to do it all in one trip. If you try and move things around the house during spring cleaning have someone help you move that dresser or that mattress or that fridge.  Alright, so use your head, that’s going to help you avoid back pain. Now when you are lifting anything you want to be like a robot, you want to keep your back straight and you don’t want to turn at the waist. You want to keep everything straight. Facing the object you want to keep your back straight, squat at the knees. When you are lifting something keep that object close to your body. So one big thing to avoid back pain is never twist and lift. So when you are out getting all that stuff from Lowe’s or Home Depot to do the yard, putting it in or out the car, don’t twist and lift. Face it straight like a robot, squat, try not to bend forward as much as possible and then walk it through to the next spot, squat and then drop that material, or like I said use a dolly, use a wagon or use another person to help you.
5)    Now the last tip here to prevent back pain.  Chiropractic therapy and treatments. Number 1 if you already have a back problem you definitely should come into one of our offices.  We’ll do a consultation to see how your back problem started, how long it has been there, what makes it better or worse and what have you been doing for the pain. We would do an examination with orthopedic and neurological tests, we’ll probably do some x-rays, and we always take a posture picture because the posture is the window to the spine.  If the posture is crooked that causes nerve tension, disc tension, disc pressure, joint pressure. So we want to see what’s causing any of that back pain and try to fix that problem. That brings me to a good point too. Having good posture when you are doing any activity is key to preventing back pain and we specialize in good posture and fixing your posture.
Give us a call and ask about our special offer. We usually have a special offer going to get new patients in. Often times insurance may cover care in the office so lets check out what’s causing that back pain; neck pain also headache, shoulder pain, hip pain, we help all that stuff. So really if the problem is there and it’s not going away, may be you’re taking pills, when the pills wear off the pain comes back, you’re not fixing the problem. That’s our job; let’s find out what the problem is and try to fix it.
Lastly, I’ve been in multiple car accidents, multiple sports accidents. I maintain my posture and spine.  I probably go to my chiropractor couple time a month to make sure everything is staying in alignment.  If I am very active I go a little more than that, but I’ve already gotten this thing fixed; so there is nothing to maintain if its not fixed yet.
So come to the website, www.metrodetroitchiropractors.com. We’ve got a lot of great videos on neck pain, back pain, headaches, arthritis, auto injuries  things like that.  Give us a call, call the nearest location . We hope to  see you … have a great summer. Hopefully these tips will help.